Safety and Security

SUHSD Security Mission Statement:

SUHSD safeguards the physical security and emotional and psychological safety of our students’ learning environments. A spectrum of security threats are addressed: from the frequent/low-risk to the infrequent/high-risk. Support is provided across facilities/infrastructure, climate, procedures, partnerships and community through four chronological phases of prevention/mitigation, preparation, response and recovery.

  • Facilities and Infrastructure: physical security is enhanced with efficient use of available resources in order to maximize return on investment.
  • Positive Climate: A positive and welcoming climate characterized by inclusiveness, sensitivity, tolerance and respect promotes psychological, emotional, cultural and intellectual safety. Healthy norms are established and reinforced.
  • Procedures: Flexible routine and emergency procedures are well-rehearsed with a vigilant and self-reliant attitude.
  • Partnerships: Strong cooperative partnerships with local law enforcement professionals help maintain physical and climate security.
  • Community: Cooperative relationships with families to help provide a network of support and trust.

School Safety Resources

John Czajkowski
Security Coordinator and Advisor
Office: (619) 585-4446
Fax: (619) 420-0339