Teen Court

District Teen Court and Site Teen Court

District Teen Court is a legal diversion program that provides an opportunity to those charged with a first offense misdemeanor to maintain a clean criminal record.  A hearing is held with students filling all roles of a trial court except an adult judge.  The peer jury determines a unanimous verdict and, if the offender complies with the verdict, the misdemeanor is removed from student’s record and the student has a second chance to go through life with a clean record.  We have trained and qualified students at Hilltop High, Chula Vista High, and Olympian High.

Site Teen Court is a Restorative Justice alternative to addressing site behavioral issues that do not constitute a violation of criminal law.  In this model, students fill all court positions including judge.  The verdict is advisory in nature.  The verdict must be approved by an Assistant Principal or an individual designated by the site Principal.  Students may suggest a more restorative way to hold students accountable than what is stated in the school handbook.

For more information on Teen Court, please contact Dr. Mariana.Gomez@sweetwaterschools.org or Molly.Ravenscroft@sweetwaterschools.org.