Culture and Climate

What is Culture?

The culture of any organization–including school districts and schools sites–it the unwritten rules, expectations, sets of beliefs and assumptions that are passed down in an organization.

What is Climate?

Climate is the collective mood, or morale, of a group of people. The climate is the noticeable effect of the culture.

Culture & Climate Committees

The goal of the site Culture and Climate committee is to determine the extent to which the school is a safe and healthy environment for each student and staff member, and to what extent the school has a culture of equity and a positive climate that promotes excellence.  

The Culture and Climate committee will examine deeply the culture of their school:  what do we do well, what do we do that could be better, and what needs do we have that are not yet being addressed?  Does each student and each staff member feel welcomed at this school and do they each feel like they belong? How do we know?  What do we need to do to improve? Through this work, Culture & Climate Committees are a transformative force on their campuses.